Friday, December 12, 2008

Entry into (blog) World From Sedona

I still feel that sense of home here in the Red Rocks. Some places on the planet must be wired that way.

we talked about waking from the dream
doing it collectively
doing it consciously
and not psychologizing.
we are getting too old for that
beyond the dichotomy
the duality of this assessment and that
tempered by the dreamer
scattering night into aspects of light

in zen, just sit:
just now is enough
stones have spoken
and breath has offered
the ticket in
to a place always changing but
steady like home
decorated between the beats
of the drum
of the heart

There is family here. We are all doing the best we can, lifting our efforts up to joy, to community, to something we can believe whole-heartedly in, even if that keeps changing.

I'll get the hang of this blog-thing. Details of the days include the strategic re-arrangement of the stuff in "self-storage", there is a lot of room to spare; chanting Vedic style and breathing breath-of-fire style with some teachers, friends and students at 7 Centers; sharing outside the dream at the course Communtiy House, and hearing a perspective of my estranged bestfriend come through the mouth of another dear and wise friend; rite of passage; disolution of bonds that tied me with my Mother; listening to poetry, music and spontaneous play at the new incarnation of the Sedona Showcase with Daniel and Casey, an open mic like none other.

Tonight, I visit the Buddhist Relics with friends and tomorrow.... who knows.

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  1. Bekah, your journey really sounds like a transformative time for you.

    And she raises her arms to the sun
    and her feet grow like roots into the planet
    She stretches to hold the trajectory of humanity
    in each instant of her journey